L'Arrosseria Restauració

The L’Arrosseria restaurant is in the center of Andorra la Vella, in the middle of the historical center of the capital, and has capacity for 30 people. It specializes in home cooking dishes.

Seafood Rice, Mixed Rice, Mixed Paella, Seafood Paella, Rossejat, Peuada, black paella, rat paella, chicken and seafood paella, winter paella, duck paella, paella with tarongetes, paella with meatballs, paella with eels , paella, land rice greixera, rice casserole, bowl, batch casserole, lenten casserole, fast casserole, rice cauldron, rice cauldron, rose rice, pot rice, chard rice, collard rice , Egg rice, Egg baked rice, Crusted rice, Baked sweet potato rice, Baked cod rice, Baked rice, Rosejat rice, Golden rice, Sliced ??rice, Rice together, Engraver rice, Stone rice, Rice miquelets, stonemason rice, corn rice, baked ground rice, land rice, fast rice, carnival rice, caldera rice, tanda rice, giant and dwarf rice, rice with beans and turnips, rice crust, curly rice, chickpea rice, chickpea rice, pumpkin rice , arr bone with chard, rice with flags, rice with flags, rice baked with tuna, rice baked with fish, rice baked with cod, rice baked with eels, rice baked with duck, rice with band.



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