Conditions of use


Through this notice and legal information YEEPA, regulates the use of the services of that makes available to Internet users the various services that the mobile application and the portal offers, owned by YEEPA, a company registered in the Principality of Andorra with NRT F-135498M  through which the YEEPA website and mobile application are put at the service of users (hereinafter User or Users) For any communication with the company can be sent to the email address


Access to the portal and / or its use in any form attributes the status of user of the Portal and implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of these general conditions of use included in this legal notice, for both the user must read this legal notice in each of the occasions in which it is proposed to use the portal, as it may be subject to modifications. In any case, it will be the responsibility of all users or visitors to carefully read all the conditions of use in force on each occasion they access this portal. The use of certain services will also imply the acceptance, without reservation, of the particular rules or instructions that YEEPA may establish at any time with a specific, substitutive or complementary character to the present general conditions. Within the limits established by law, the WEBSITE does not assume any liability arising from the lack of veracity, integrity, updating and accuracy of the data or information it contains on its website. The website may contain links to other third party pages that YEEPA cannot control, therefore YEEPA does not assume responsibility for any content that may appear on third party pages.


YEEPA offers advertising space for companies that geolocate their ads, offers and events in order to get in touch with their potential customers. YEEPA may expand or modify its portal to new services, activities or content. YEEPA also reserves the right to cancel, modify or restrict the contents, services or activities, expressly and with prior notice to users.


4.1 Age of the user.

Access to the website is restricted solely and exclusively to those over 18 years of age. It is reported that YEEPA may unsubscribe without notice and immediately to those users who, due to their circumstances, do not comply or there are indications that they may not meet the age requirement. YEEPA reserves the right to ask any advertiser for proof of age and a photo ID to continue with the service.

4.2 Condition, quality and concept of user.

A user is understood to be any natural or legal person of legal age who accesses the portal, to view, view, search, investigate or consult its content and publish an advertisement.

For access to the portal for the sole purpose of consulting, searching, saving, sharing or viewing information. Prior registration will be required, express and accepted as a registered user of the portal communicating your data.

For the use of certain services, such as the insertion of announcements In these cases it will be necessary the formal registration of the user or the communication of the data filling in the electronic questionnaire that appears in the portal.

It is essential that users deliver, communicate and authorize freely, expressly and voluntarily the processing of their personal data, as well as the transfer to all those people who are interested in their ads.

To this end, the user must accept the privacy policy of the website prior to the submission of their personal data.

The user declares that he has all the authorizations and consents to include the information object of the announcement, exonerating of any responsibility to YEEPA.

Likewise, the user is responsible for everything he publishes, and for any damage he may cause, YEEPA reserves the right in the event of misuse of the website to provide all the information we have the advertiser to the police, courts or police entity that requires it.

YEEPA assumes responsibility for use in accordance with the regulations established in the Personal Data Protection Act.

4.3 Free service.

In general, the consultation of the portal is free. However, the posting of ads is subject to financial consideration. The rates of use and the conditions of payment are published on the portal.

4.4 Use of the portal.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the use of the contents and / or services offered by the portal will be at his sole risk and responsibility. The user agrees to use the portal, its contents and services in accordance with any applicable legal provisions, these general and particular conditions of use and other notices, the rules of publication of advertisements, good faith, good customs and public order.

The user agrees to make appropriate use of the services and contents of the portal and not to use to carry out illegal or criminal activities, which violate the rights of third parties and / or violate the regulations on industrial property and intellectual property. or any other rules of the applicable legal system.

In particular, and by way of example only and not limitation, users agree not to capture data obtained with advertising, as well as not to transmit or disseminate through messages, images, photographs, software, data or content that:

  • contravene or infringe on fundamental rights, induce, incite or promote criminal, denigrating, defamatory, defamatory, violent, discriminatory or contrary to law and public order.
  • Be false, ambiguous, exaggerated or inaccurate.
  • They are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, except with the prior authorization of their owner.
  • Injure or may injure the right to honor, personal privacy, the image of third parties or infringe the rules on the secrecy or confidentiality of communications.
  • They constitute illicit, misleading or unfair advertising.

5. Veracity of Information.

The information provided by the user at all times must be true, the user being responsible for all such manifestations, data, content, information and details that are false, inaccurate strikes. In the case of the communication of personal data in the fulfilment of the registration questionnaires as a customer and the publication of an offer, this information must be true, accurate and coincident.

The user agrees and undertakes to communicate any future changes or modifications to his / her personal data, adapting them, accordingly, to his / her real situation.

The inaccuracy of the information releases YEEPA from any liability for the lack of information of the user in relation to the offers and services, provided that YEEPA had acted with due diligence in its communications.

In any case, the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and for any damage caused to YEEPA or third parties by the information provided.

For the purposes of this contract, the use of nicknames or pseudonyms to identify users on the portal will not be considered lack of veracity, provided that this does not constitute an obstacle to knowing the real identity of the pampering or carrying out collections corresponding to the contracted services..

In the event that YEEPA is aware or suspects that the user has used false data and / or images, it will deactivate the announcement immediately and without prior notice, without prejudice to possible actions that it deems appropriate.

6. Procedure in the case of carrying out activities of an improper nature, of incorrect or fraudulent data.

  • In the event that any user or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the improper nature of any content and / or the performance of any activity on the WEBSITE and, in particular, the publication of uncontested images, violation of intellectual property rights, breach of the duties and obligations provided for in these conditions or in violation of any other right, you must send a notice to the service provider containing the following points:
  • Claimant's personal details: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Specification of the alleged illegal activity carried out on the website and in particular in the case of an alleged violation of rights, precise and specific indication of the protected content as well as its location on the website.
  • Facts or circumstances that reveal the illegal nature of this activity.
  • In the event of a violation of rights, handwritten signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the holder of the rights allegedly infringed or of the person authorized to act in his name and on his behalf.
  • Express, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the use of the contents or the performance of the activities described is improper.
  • YEEPA will immediately take steps to amend or remove such content.

7. Responsibility for the operation and content of the portal.

Proper operation and continuous availability.

  • YEEPA will not be liable for failures in the operation of the portal, as well as for interruption, delays, slowness, loss or disconnection in communications and the transmission of messages. YEEPA does not guarantee or be responsible for the continuous, constant and uninterrupted operation and operation of the portal.
  • Liability for damage to the user.
  • Without prejudice to YEEPA's efforts to implement the highest standards of technological quality YEEPA will not be liable, either directly or indirectly, for damages of any nature caused to the user as a result of the presence of viruses or 'other elements in the contents and services of the portal that may cause alterations in the user's computer system. Nor will it be liable for damages caused to the user by failures and errors in access, connections, transmissions, interruption without just cause of the service, intrusions, computer viruses, mass mailings of advertising third parties or when the aforementioned causes are due to situations outside the portal such as defects in the user's computer, science in their connection, internal viruses in the user's computer, slowness and problems in the communications that the user has with telephone operators, or when they are due to force majeure.
  • Responsibility for the contents.
  • YEEPA does not guarantee the quality, accuracy or ability of the data, images, information or opinions, whatever their origin, that circulate on the portal. The user assumes under his sole responsibility, the consequences, damages or actions that may arise from access to such content. YEEPA reserves the right not to run an ad if it does not meet the minimum quality required in the web environment. In the case of illegal content, consult with what is indicated in the corresponding section of these conditions of use on the removal of content.
  • Exemption from liability for third party links.
  • On this website the user will be able to find links that will lead him to independent web pages of YEEPA, which is not responsible for the contents to which it accesses by virtue of the mentioned links, nor for the quality, ? ability, accuracy or veracity of the information. or services, nor of the modifications that are carried out in the same, nor of the use that is made of it, nor of its technical availability. However, YEEPA undertakes to do everything possible to prevent the existence on its website of links to sites of illegal content, which promote illicit, racist or xenophobic activities or which violate the principles of freedom and of human dignity or violate the values ??and rights recognized by law. In the event that the owner of a website believes that a link established by YEEPA violates his rights or understands that it harms him, he must communicate by sending an email to and the link it will be cancelled or modified in the most satisfactory way for the interested party.
  • Liability for third parties.

YEEPA will not be responsible for acts performed by third parties outside the system, those who break security measures carry out acts against users such as sending computer viruses, mass advertising, commercial emails, service interruptions and access to messages, among others.

Likewise, the company is not responsible for the manifestations or opinions that may be expressed in the different forums, chats or social gatherings that may be developed within it, but will seek at all times the correct use of these mechanisms or services, and it shall ensure the utmost respect for the dignity of persons and for the freedom of expression protected by the Constitution, reserving in any case the right to refuse or eliminate interventions which it considers inconvenient.

YEEPA is committed to and ensures that it has adopted technical, legal and organizational measures for the security of communications, both in terms of secure connections and the protection of personal data. YEEPA does not guarantee or ensure the total invulnerability of security system or the violability of communications thus exempting it from any liability.

Exemption from liability will prevail when YEEPA proves that it was unaware of those computer viruses or actions of third parties or when knowing them to act with due diligence or report the situation to the competent authorities.

YEEPA is not liable for damages that may occur due to cases of force majeure, fortuitous or not attributable to the company.

YEEPA is not responsible for the improper operation of the portal for reasons beyond its control, such as malfunction of operators, etc.

8. Industrial and intellectual property of the website.

YEEPA holds the intellectual and industrial property rights, or has obtained the corresponding licenses for its exploitation, on the domain name, the trademarks and distinctive signs, the application, the information and the rest of the works and inventions related to the website and the technology associated with it, as well as its contents.

The contents of this website, including designs, applications, text, images and source code (content), are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

Under no circumstances may the content be used, reproduced, copied or transmitted in any way without the prior written and express permission of YEEPA.

The user agrees not to delete, modify, plagiarize or alter any distinctive sign, brand, trade name, legend, graphic or logo. The user agrees that access to the portal and its contents does not grant him any rights over his property, nor for its alteration or modification, nor for its exploitation, misappropriation, marketing, or to lead to any act of denigration, confusion, misappropriation of reputation, or any act of unfair competition that infringes the industrial property rights and other rights provided for by the applicable legal system and legislation of YEEPA or the companies, or third parties advertising on the portal.

The user agrees that both the images and texts sent to YEEPA will be made available to other users of the website without any limitation.

The user claims to be the real owner of the aforementioned images and declares himself solely responsible for the Files of users sent, accepting the consequences of sending them to the website and publishing them.

The user agrees and / or guarantees to own and / or have all the necessary rights for the publication of the user files on the website, authorizing, to YEEPA its edition, reproduction, distribution and public communication, as well as use and exploitation in the manner they deem appropriate, without any geographical or temporal limitations, always in accordance with the purposes set out on the website.

The user agrees to use this information exclusively for his own needs, for consultation or assistance, no longer to carry out, directly or indirectly any commercial exploitation of the services, content, photographs or any other action that affects the industrial or intellectual property rights of its owner or the persons or third parties that are displayed or advertised on the portal.

The user authorizes YEEPA to transfer the images and texts, as well as any other work assigned to said company, for individual use or as part of the advertisement or, in other media or websites with similar characteristics, in order to increase the spread of ads or ads.

The user will refrain from carrying out acts that violate morals, public order or good manners, as well as acts that violate dignity, honor, image, personal or family privacy, or that be unlawful or attack morality and good manners.

The responsibility for actions prohibited or contrary to the law, will be exclusively of the user, agreeing to leave YEEPA unharmed, before any judicial or extrajudicial action that is carried out as a result of their actions. The user agrees and is responsible for carrying out their compliance and extending them to all those persons authorized by the user to make use of their restricted access to the portal.

The user declares that the publication of his images and the contents provided by him has been carried out freely, consented and voluntarily, in the field of his professional activity, and that they do not diminish or violate his right to 'honor, to personal intimacy and to one's own image.

9. Modification of the website and suspension of the service

YEEPA reserves the right at any time to make any changes it deems appropriate to the portal and the application, organizing, deleting or adding content, data or services.

The aforementioned modifications will be carried out unilaterally and without prior notice. In relation to the general and particular conditions, YEEPA reserves the right to modify, alter and / or draft new clauses depending on the new activities or services to which it expands or to adapt to new regulations and legislation. that are emerging. These modifications will only be mandatory from their entry into force and will be applicable to the user at the same time as accessing the portal.

Suspension of service.

YEEPA reserves the right to suspend unilaterally and without notice the service, or to deny access to the portal and application, temporarily or indefinitely, to any user who violates these general or particular conditions, or carry out illegal, unlawful and contrary to law, public order and good customs.

10. Duration, termination, resolution.

Although the provision of the services of the portal and its operation is, in principle, indefinite, YEEPA may suspend its service temporarily or terminate it at any time at any time by a just cause.

YEEPA may change the conditions of use of this portal and application at any time, leaving the user subject to the new conditions of use that have been published at the time he accesses or uses the services of the Portal and application.

In the event of unilateral termination of the service or forced termination of the portal and application, YEEPA will inform you in advance of the reasons for termination. In these cases, YEEPA undertakes to store the information stored on its server for a period of 10 calendar days, after which it will proceed to block them in the manner provided for in current regulations on the protection of personal data. , without being held liable.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These General Conditions of Use are governed by Andorran Laws and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals of the Andorran territory.

Any dispute in relation to this portal will be substantiated before the Andorran jurisdiction, subjecting the parties to the Courts and Tribunals of Andorra, with express waiver of other jurisdictions and all that they had and were different from the one reviewed.

12. Notifications

YEEPA may communicate with the customer by postal mail at the user's home, e-mail, telephone calls or by any other public means of dissemination provided that this information has been brought to YEEPA's notice in due form. All communications made to the customer by these means will be considered validly made. For the aforementioned purposes, the user declares that the data provided are true, accurate, correct and truthful, agreeing to notify YEEPA of any changes or changes in the notification and contact details.

Communications made to YEEPA by the user will be considered effective when addressed to YEEPA in any of the following ways: - By e-mail to the following address:

13. Exclusion of warranties and liability.

YEEPA does not guarantee the availability, access and / or continuity of the operation of the portal and its services. Nor will it be liable, within the legal limits, for damages caused to the user as a result of unavailability, access failures and lack of continuity of the portal and its services.

With regard to the contents and services of third parties, YEEPA does not review or control in advance, approve or own the contents, products, services, opinions, communications, data, files and any kind of third party information collected on the portal. Likewise, it does not guarantee the legality, ? ability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents, information and services of third parties on the Portal and application, nor does it guarantee that users of the portal and application use the contents or services in the same way. in accordance with the law, applicable regulations, public order or these conditions of use.

YEEPA cannot guarantee the authorship or integrity of the photographs, images or content provided by its users and consequently is not responsible for possible violations of the rights that correspond to the legitimate owners of the content provided by its users.

Likewise, you will not be liable for damages of any nature arising from the negligent or malicious use of mobile phones or email accounts used to insert, modify or delete an advertisement, and in the same way not will assume no responsibility for the subsequent use that advertisers may make of the mobile number or email address provided or used by the portal user to contact the advertiser.

YEEPA is not responsible for overturned content or acts committed by other users. Nor is it responsible for any damage or injury as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the content and services provided by third parties. Likewise, YEEPA will not be liable for damages of any nature arising from the negligent use or malicious email accounts used to insert an ad or respond to an ad.

YEEPA will not be liable for any economic loss or reputation, or for any special damages resulting from the use of the Website, provided that it has no effective knowledge that the activity or stored information is illegal or that it harms property or rights of third parties liable for compensation, or if you have it act diligently to remove the data and content or make it impossible to access them.


YEEPA will use COOKIES in order to expedite the service offered, identifying each user as quickly as possible.

These are small tasks whose purpose is to remember the pages visited to facilitate future navigation.

You can delete cookies by selecting the option that your browser has by default. The user has the possibility of preventing the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option in your browser.

Sometimes disabling cookies could prevent the proper functioning of the WEBSITE. As a user of the portal and application, you know and know that cookies will be deposited, if necessary, for the purpose of facilitating navigation in the service of the information society provided by the WEB, not for additional purposes, so that consent is not required.

But in case of doubt, you know the ?nalities, you have received a proper explanation of what cookies are and why they serve and you give your consent to allow them to be deposited on your computer, always having available, as you know, the option of your browser to not allow or remove them at any time. If you do not consent, you must leave the portal and application at that time, if you continue browsing we understand that you accept its use.


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